90 Degree + Angle Plate

Machining of a mold plate.


Blending of a hardened insert.

90 Degree

Machining the clamp feet on a large die shoe.

Angled Work

Machining a mold on compound angles.

3+2 Axis

5 Axis machining on a die shoe.

Spindle Taper Grind

Re-grinding the spindle on one of our smaller mills.

Mold Roughing

Roughing of a mold on our Droop & Rein FS130.

Steel Shoe Roughing

Roughing of large steel shoes.

3D Blending

Blending of hardened details.

Plan Milling

Milling the backside of a casting with our 2-Axis forkhead.

90 Degree

Side work on a die shoe.

Spade Drill

54mm Spade Drill on a 90 degree angle.